Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bakunyuu Oyako

What happens when a mother and daughter busty equal measures vie for the same guy? The battle of the breasts! Yûsuke have a problem, the same guy who has everything in love. Queen is a girl with huge, solid, sweet, soft and spongy melons, which you would like Yûsuke taught private, something not at all displeased him the hint. What is the problem Yûsuke? His mother is in the midst of a sexual crisis and desperately needs to take Yûsuke. The fact is that the mother has some features as suggestive and addictive as the daughter, which is not easy to abstract from such charms. War erupts between the two women and give no thought whatsoever in his possession about Yûsuke, finally, he has to mediate between the two and tell her who best demonstrates qualities and sexual skills.



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