Sunday, April 24, 2011

Colour Blossoms

Teresa Chiang (Kenny Bee's notorious ex-wife) is Meili ("Beautiful Woman"), who lives up to her name and then some. The wide-eyed, hot-bodied Meili is a realtor whose life changes when she meets the melodramatic Madam Umeki (Matsuzaka Keiko). Umeki buys a house from Meili, then foists her Lan Kwai Fong apartment on Meili to rent to someone else. The big issue: this is one gorgeous apartment, and Meili won't rent it to just anyone. Luckily, someone who isn't just anyone shows up. The guy is Kim (Japanese model Sho), a young photographer who appears out of nowhere and begins saying hilarious existential things to Meili. She's disturbed, but becomes more attracted to Sho when the other guy in her life, Officer 4708 (Carl Ng), starts disturbing her even more. The rock-handsome 4708 barely speaks, touches objects in a vaguely erotic fashion, and glides on his feet like some sort of voyeuristic law enforcement mime. Meanwhile, the colors and costumes are faaaaabulous. Is this art?


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