Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fade To Black

poster film nya terlalu vulgar terpaksa dinganti, harap maklum  ok...brooo.....jika mau lihat poster aslinya copy judul lalu secrh di google.

Vivid does an excellent job once again in Paul Thomas's "Fade to Black". Being a Paul Thomas film, one expects a certain level of production value and also an intriguing storyline that goes past the "pizza boy" scenario. In this respect, Thomas delivers. "Fade to Black" is the story of aspiring adult film directors learning the business the hard way. The cast includes the sexy Taylor St. Claire and, one of my favorite performers, Julie Meadows. Male talent includes some old standbys Dale DeBone, Tony Tedeschi, and Eric Everhard. I have to give credit to Dale DeBone. He is often under-recognized for his acting ability and his effort in supporting the story in an adult film. While he has a soap-opera quality to him, he does contribute to an engaging story. And it is the story of this film that makes it so different. Thomas provides a realistic plot depicting a behind the scenes feel as to what it's like to be an adult film producer/director. This not only comes off from the storyline, but also the the raw camera work that often has a behind the scenes feel to it. The sex scenes I think are quite typical of a Vivid production. Well-shot beautiful girls in your expected rotation of positions and combinations. Taylor St. Claire offers a very good fit into the role of the aspiring adult actress while Julie Meadows' girl-next-door looks provides a great contrast. You're guaranteed to find that girl or scene that gets your growing.



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