Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sex Lies And Death

When two female strangers find common ground - their horrible relationships - they devise a plot to rid one another of their burdensome lovers. Blinded by revenge and racing against the clock, their joint missions prove seductive, bloody and shocking...with an ending they could never imagine. Stars Andrea Lopez, Carolina Sepulveda, Alejandra Pinzon, Martha Bolanos, Margalida Castro, Juan Baptista, Juan Shuk Two strangers make a murderous pack to help rid one another of the problematic people in their lives, and fall into a treacherous world of death and seduction that spirals fast out of control. Vivian and Andrea have never met, but they're about to get intimately acquainted. One day, while tipping drinks back in a bar, the two women strike up a conversation that quickly turns personal; Vivian is locked in an abusive marriage, and Andrea's female lover has recently fallen for another woman...


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